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Figgo allows you to order LPG for your office or business. You do not even need to be there! Just order with our application and we will send the provider to you. Figgo: Fast, Easy, Reliable.

Benefits for using Figgo

On time delivery

Figgo makes sure your LPG shows up on time with our platform.

Consumption Analysis

Program your services based on your consumption.

Modern service

Real time ordering and tracking. No more guessing when your LPG is showing up.

Professional Attention

Our team is here to help resolve any problems and support you in your LPG needs.

Service your multiple locations

Have multiple locations? Figgo will service them all!.

Revision of leaks

You think you may have a leak? Inform us and we will make sure it gets inspected.

Download the application on your smartphone

Download Figgo free! Available for Android and iOS.


Can Figgo be used without an application?

Figgo has a team that can handle all your refills

¡We have everything under control!

We understand every company is different. Just email us at and one of our team members can help you with your LPG needs according to your business model.

Do you have a question about pricing,
discounts, our providers that work with us, etc,
send us a message and our team will contact you..


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